What is an Esthetician? Should I see one?

Have you ever been startled by catching a glance at yourself in the mirror? You hadn’t realized, perhaps, that your face looked lackluster and quite so stern. Are you confused about where to find the solution to your skin problems and maintain healthy glowing skin? Estheticians have the answer to all your skin problems. They are one of the most popular and in-demand beauty service providers nowadays.   


What is an Esthetician? 

An Esthetician is an expert when it comes to aesthetics. They have licensed health and wellness professionals trained to perform skincare treatments. Estheticians have the expertise of recognizing and understanding various mild to severe skin conditions. They have the knowledge and training to recommend and apply appropriate skin care products and treatments to restore the natural beauty and health of your facial skin. 


What does an Esthetician do?

  • Skin evaluation 
  • Pore extractions
  • Acne/breakout reduction
  • Improve the moisture levels
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion: nonsurgical cosmetic procedure 
  • Body masks, scrubs, and wraps
  • Anti-aging effects: reduction of fine lines and aging spots
  • Decreased Hyperpigmentation 
  • Face/Body Waxing 


Should you see an Esthetician?  

A consultation with an Esthetician will provide you with the knowledge of understanding what type of facial treatments are available for you. They will conduct a thorough skin analysis of your current skin condition to determine the best treatments for you and recommend a daily skincare routine and products that you can use at home. An Esthetician can help you establish a regimen of acceptable skincare practices. After all, who doesn’t love smooth, soft, and radiant-looking skin? 


Are you ready to meet an Esthetician? Have you decided that this is going to be your year to improve the conditions of your facial skin? Well then, Stuniffy is ready to help guide your journey by providing you with the best well-trained Estheticians. Over time you will notice improved results for the efforts you and devote to a skincare program. 

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