Building the right audience for your Self-Grooming or Beauty Courses

Are you a beauty and wellness professional looking to make extra income by teaching self-grooming courses online? The pandemic and social distancing caused challenges for most businesses and beauticians worldwide, resulting in lost revenue. If you are looking to make some extra income, it might be worth looking into an easy way to make money by teaching online self-grooming or beauty courses.

While it is true, you can make extra income by sharing your skills and teaching online, the amount of money you make depends on different factors. You must consider the demand for the course you will offer and decide how you will monetize it.

The following are essential factors to monetize and grow the right audience for your online self-grooming or beauty course.

Money making ideas

Online tutoring is a highly profitable market but finding the right ways or niche to profit from an online class requires planning. Well, you may be wondering how you should plan for it? You have to find the right monetization ideas, such as the nature of your classes and clients. Why would they be willing to pay for your online class? What are the unique selling points about your class or course? Is that offering something your target audience is searching for? Every business needs a unique selling point to make an impact. It needs to provide something that your competitors cannot do and you, something that is unique from your business; this is a great starting point and can help differentiate your business from others.

Offer Classes For Free

How can you make money by teaching online if you are offering free classes or tutorials?- This is one of the most powerful monetization strategies if you are just starting and looking to establish a consistent learner base.

Everyone loves something free! What more significant way than getting the attention of your target audience than offering them a free trial? When clients are new to your platform, they like to try out the classes you provide first before they are ready to pay recurring fees. Therefore, offering a free trial or highlighting some of your work and past success on your social media channels or website is a great way to hook them on.

Charging for individual classes is one of the simplest and easiest ways to implement and understand your students.

You may offer an introductory class for free and charge your students a fee for downloading the certificate. It’s proven, when you offer free classes, students are more likely to pay for the certificates after the completion of the course. By offering free classes, clients will also be more interested in trying out the class and explore your course. Once they see the value you provide by enhancing their skills and knowledge, they will be more interested in attending more classes, resulting in increased revenue for your business.


Charge for Membership

After your students have found value in your courses, why not offer them to pay a recurring membership class bundle? Consider providing membership to your clients to keep your client base returning to the site for more learning experience.


Getting started with an online tutoring business doesn’t take long. You can reach out and teach clients over live videos instead of being in the same room with them. Your focus should be on offering the best learning experience to the clients. 


You can leverage multiple ways to make money by teaching online classes to numerous students. Have you decided to harness the power of online teaching?